When I starting writing this post we’d just got rid of the family car. The family car was actually my husbands work car but we only really used it for ferrying the kids to school and back. Well, it’s been 3 months now and as per usual I’m only just getting the post up.
We decided to get rid of the car as we hardly used it. Mr Howie travels abroad for work so he hardly used it for work, we live in the centre of town so we didn’t need it for shopping. It tended to sit in the street where we paid £50 a year to park. The car was fully comp’d car from his employer meaning we didn’t pay any bills or petrol for it, but the BIK {Benefit in Kind, tax on income} meant it still cost us £450 a month. We decided that for £5500 a year we could use public transport and still be quids in.
Some of our friends think we’re mad giving us the car and as they see it the freedom that the car gives. Personally other than not being able to pick up the furniture I want, the freedom comes in not having the car. We can go to Canterbury or London, not having to watch what we drink or having to find a parking space.
A friend has told me that in Dover it costs him £300 a month when he uses his car for work, this is to travel a town which is approx 5 miles in diameter. He’s decided to cycle instead.
So have we missed the car? Not really, yes it was inconvenient when we had two exchange students stay but we just enlisted the help of the local taxi service. It’s got to the point where it was like we never had one.
So au revoir dear car if I ever feel nostalgic for you I’ll just go visit the local Avis.