The long, awaited Vegan ‘Steak Bake’ has arrived from Greggs.  So I got my running shoes on and got over to Greggs as soon as I could to try one.

With the same lattice pattern as the vegan ‘sausage’ roll, it was easy distinguishable as not being the ‘meat one.’  Greggs has once again gone with Quorn rather than soya or seiten filling.  Sadly, when I got there the bake was lukewarm.  That didn’t stop me from chowing down on it with some brown sauce.  The pasty is the same as the ‘sausage’ roll, which I find a bit dry but doesn’t stop me eating my body weight in the rolls every week.  Inside was a mince like texture rather than a cubed beef like filling.  The gravy was lovey and I could imagine the filing would make a lovely cottage pie if it had mash with it.  I found it surprising meat like tasting with a ‘cheap meat’ feel about it but this may be because I no longer eat meat.  If you do not like the look or taste of meat then this is not for you. Who this is good for is meat eaters, those transitioning to veganism or those who like the taste of meat but choose not to due to their personal ethics. 

At £1.55, only 5p more than the steak bake I find that I’m not being punished price wise for my ethical choices.