Veganuary is a pledge to go vegan for the 31 days of January, it aims to increase participation, work towards a change in the food industry, raise awareness of the reasons to go vegan and make it mainstream and grow the movement globally.

For me I went Vegan in Feb 2018 after doing dry January. I woke up one day and said to myself if I want to make a positive change for the environment then I’d have to do more and for me that was going Vegan. I’ve made some epic mistakes since then but nearly 2 years later with a vegan company and so glad I did it and wish I’d done it sooner. I’ve become far more aware of the cruelty to animals which as a meat eater it was ‘out of sight and out of mind’
In an ideal world we’d all be vegan however if your not there yet or find going ‘cold turkey’ hard, which I did, then think about reducing your meat or switching to a vegetarian diet to get you on the road to transitioning.

So here’s to Veganuary and watch out for recipes and reviews on vegan foods coming to the High Street.
It’s never too late to pledge to go Vegan for January.

Here’s the link below